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Does anyone remember Jim & Olympia Walker? (1952-1954)

My dad served at White Sands from Dec. 1952 until Feb. 1954 in Detachment # 2 Then in Detachment #1, And Company #138 after he moved off Post after my Mom, Olympia, joined him in 1953. He was discharged at Fort Bliss in Feb. 1954. His serial number was US 51 153 978 and he was a Corporal when he was discharged. He is 83 years old. Mom worked at the Signal Corp. office. They are both alive and well and living in Buzzards Bay, Ma.  I'd love to be able to 'hook them up' with any old friends or colleagues. Any help would be appreciated. I can be reached at  Cwalker006@yahoo.com.


Carol Dexter

Posted:  07/07/2013

Did you know Bobby Ray Vess?

Bobby Ray Vess, was an MP at Soccoro Range Camp 1960-61.  He was a dear friend of mine, and if you knew him, you loved him.  He passed a couple of years ago in Huntsville, Alabama where he lived for the last 40 years of his life.  If you knew him, contact me at JFranks182@aol.com.  I would love to hear from you.  (Others at Soccoro: Clayto Foster, Jimmie Nelson) Did you know them, and where are they?


John Franks

Posted:  10/12/2010

Did You Know John J. Merenick?

My father was in the 1st Guided Missile Regiment at white Sands. I am looking at a photograph that reads on the back All Class members stationed at White Sands Proving Grounds, 1st class Missile Electronics Fort Bliss, Texas. Then he goes on to say 2nd row standing fifth person from left John J. Merenick.  WW-2 German V-1 Missile in background. On the front of photo is a card that reads 1st Guided Missile Regiment, 11 October 1949.  My father is and was from Pittsburg, PA. Anyone out there know him? Please contact me John's son at; Merenick@bettis.gov
Thanks, Daniel Merenick
Trying to make my dad a happy man!

Posted:  10/05/2009


Floyd Talbott worked for WSMR from 1950 – 1954.  During his time there, he would be taken from WSMR to Nevada for the nuclear testing.

I’m not sure what he did while he was there.

He was also a Pitcher on the Army fastpitch softball team.

My father passed away in 1990 and I would like to know more about him and his time at WSMR through any one that can tell me a little bit about his life there.

Thank you,

Debbie Martin
4608 Lexington Ct.
St. Joseph, MO  64506
e-mail:  Debbie@ldtglaw.com

Posted:  07/09/2008

Did You Know Donald Diehl?

I am trying to locate someone who worked with my deceased uncle, Donald Diehl in the 1950's. He passed away in 1955 and I do not know very much about his life or his work. Any assistance would be very helpful.
Thanks in advance,
Kim Diehl

Posted:  10/09/2007

What happened to the 169th Signal Company?

I'm trying to contact any of the troops that served with the 169th Signal Co. in 1951. I know quite a few pictures were taken of the barracks and mess hall and I would like to get a copy of them. There was also a picture taken of the company marching in the 1951, 4th of July parade in Las Cruces that would be nice to have. If anyone has some pictures they would like to share or just reminisce about the hundreds of poles we climbed in those 100 degree days please contact me by e-mail or phone.

Charles Schneider
3514 NW 11th Ave.
Gainesville, FL

Did You Know GMT-1 Charles (Chuck) Johnson?

My husband, GMT-1 Charles (Chuck) Johnson, was stationed at WSMR from 1967 to 1969 and I would like to get in touch with some of the friends we made while living there. Chuck passed away in 1989 at the age of 43, but our son was born on base and I have many wonderful memories of the two years we were there and the friends we made. I would like to find anyone who worked with my husband, as I am writing a book for our two sons and thought it would be good to include as much as possible about their father. Chuck was very tall, (6' 5") slim, blond, blue eyes. He was Navy whose shore duty brought him to WSMR where he worked with the missiles (NASA).

Some of these friends were Pat and Tom Kelly (they had 9 children),

Jo Adams
Administrator, Corporate Communications
Crowley Maritime Corporation
Phone: (904)727-2274
Fax: (904)727-2172

Did You Know Master Sergeant James H. Stanley?

My father, Master Sergeant James H. Stanley, U. S. Army, was stationed at White Sands Missile Range from 1950 to 1966.  He died 10 years ago and I am interested in learning more about his work at White Sands.  If anyone remembers him, please contact me by e-mail, snail mail, or phone:

Tina Stanley
934 Gaydee Court
Sebastopol, CA 95472


Thus far I have the names of Stanley, Belladona, and Crockett but I do not know where you are? And how about the others? Who could forget the many adventures we had at the Camp?

Remember the wave of locusts that took over for several days and no matter where we went they were there: in the mess hall, in our food, in our beds, and crunching under our feet as we walked in the barracks and outside. Finally, in an act of desperation, we filled fifty gallon drums of fuel and ignited them after sundown. Then we sat back as if it were the Fourth of July, watching the fireworks some five hundred yards away with the drums full of flames lighting up the night sky and attracting thousands upon thousands of locusts as they dove into the flames and the sounds of sizzling, crackling insects resounded everywhere.

Remember the morning we walked down to the latrine and when we opened the doors we found tarantulas everywhere: they covered the several mirrors attached to the walls, they were all over the toilets, and they covered like wallpaper most of the inside. Of course, the latrine was off limits for two or three days, and as suddenly as the spiders had appeared they just as silently disappeared.

Who can forget our medic who used his ambulance as a roving bedroom, taking his dates out in his fancy wheels and having the best of privacy anywhere?

Remember the trips we took to Gran Quivira, prospecting for Indian arrowheads and imagining the days long ago when native Americans were the only inhabitants in that part of the world?

And who can forget the drives down to the main post one hundred miles away to pick up mail and food and doing eighty-five or ninety miles an hour on a mostly unoccupied open desert highway? Or returning and being caught by a sandstorm, lucky to come out of it alive, however, noting that the newly applied brown paint on the military vehicle was missing as though it had been peeled straight away?

Remember the coyote we found as a pup and tried to raise it like a common dog?
How about the trip up to Oscura Peak, over 8,000 feet elevation, to bring mail and supplies to the men living in that camp, all the while going up and down that perilous, winding mountain road that you swore was constructed by the goats who lived in the valley below.

There is much more we shared, especially our visits to Carrizozo and Joe's Yucca Bar, where you could borrow spending money until next pay day. We could dance the two-step to the great western singers belting out songs that were at the top of the charts, like Your Cheaten Heart. And don't forget those fantastic clear nights at the Camp; the neighborhood planetarium paled beside the enormous, starry sky, brilliant in its natural majesty, as though held aloft by the immense mountain ranges encircling the valley.

Of course, there is more, for Oscura Camp was a special place where we did our jobs tracking the missiles and sending the information along in professional and responsible ways. Remember our CO, Thomas G. Marshall Jr. Where are you, Lt.,? You were absolutely the best! Remember Richard W. Steele, our civilian Chief of the Radio Branch? Where is Mr. Steele today? Let's hear from all of the vets of Oscura Range Camp, 1953!

The photo was taken in 1953 and the Sig Corps men are Schwendinger, Stanley, Belladona, and Crockett on the porch of our illustrious mess hall.

Bob Schwendinger
MOS 1419 (Microwave Radio Repairman)

Straight Family has WSMR and NASA ties

My name is Kyle Straight. My father worked at the Ballistics Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in the 40's and 50's. He went out to White Sands on many occasions and was there for the first Bumperlaunch in 1950. He worked in the ordnance field at that time.

My mother was one of the first women that worked on the computers for that launch and in Aberdeen, Md. My father in 1962 relocated to Satellite Beach, Florida, where he was a safety engineer for NASA and his boss was a Mr. Paul King.

My father passed away in December 1999 at the age of 78. My mother, Rachel Straight, is still with us and very alert at the age of 80. If anyone possibly remembers my father or mother I would very much appreciate a message. My e-mail address is " straightk189@webtv.net." My home address is:

189 S.E. First Street
Satellite Beach, Fl. 32937-2161

Oral History Program

The Space Center at Alamorgordo, N.M. is currently conducting an Oral History Program. This program involves interviewing individuals, military and civilian, who worked at White Sands Proving Ground (WSPG), now White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), or Holloman Air Force Base (HAFB) at any period since they were created.

The International Space Hall of Fame Foundation has funded the collection of oral histories and this program is on-going. They are trying to preserve the first-hand knowledge of the space and missile programs that were conducted in the Tularosa Basin. To prevent the loss of this knowledge, the Space Center would like to interview as many people as possible. The interview will be recorded on audio tape and video tape and then transcribed to a printed copy. The person being interviewed controls the editorial use of the data obtained during the interview and received a printed copy of the transcript.

To participate, contact the Space Center at (575) 437-2840 or 1-800-545-4021.